Topograph & µGraph

Drum sequencer

Topograph & µGraph



Topograph & µGraph are 3 channel drum sequencer modules that emulate the Mutable Instruments' "Grids". Rather than relying on the user to manually enter patterns, the modules each have a vast, built-in map of drum patterns that can be seamlessy explored using high level controls, making this a 'topographic' sequencer (hence the name). The sequences include various styles of pattern 'skeletons' from around the world, and the density of each part can be set from sparse and simple through to dense and frantic. Before continuing, as these modules have the same features as Grids, it is worth reading its manual over here



Context Menu

This list is mostly relevant to Topograph as most of these options have dedicated control widgets in µGraph

Sequencing Modes

Topograph & µGraph feature 3 sequencing modes: Henri, Olivier and Euclidean. Henri and Olivier use the preset pattern map built into the sequencer's memory. Whilst they read the same data, the difference is in how they read it, thus resulting in two 'flavours' of the same sequence data. In Euclidean mode, however, each output generates patterns based on the principles of Euclidean geometry. The sequencer generates a series of roughly evenly spaced pulses from each channel regardless of the density. Like Henri and Olivier, the higher the density, the more pulses.